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Our Mission
Empowering children and families to learn, connect, and succeed.

Our Purpose
Stopping Child Abuse. Saving Lives.

Who We Are
EOA Children’s House was founded in 1978 as an organization providing services and care to children under the age of five that have been abused, neglected, or have faced adverse childhood experiences.  Seeing that the need was larger than could be served in the “little blue house” in Fayetteville, the Pat Walker Center for Children opened in 2011.  This doubled the number of children receiving services to 42 children.  In 2014, EOA Children’s House expanded to its full capacity in the Pat Walker Center for Children, now serving over 80 children.
EOA Children’s House is one of the nation’s largest long-term center for early childhood abuse prevention and treatment and the only center of this kind in Arkansas.  It is located in north Springdale to centrally serve both Benton County and Washington County.

What We Do
Provide services to children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old that have been abused, neglected, or have faced adverse childhood experiences.  We are not a shelter, children come to our center after they have been placed in foster care, with another relative, or back with their parent(s).

After enrollment, each child receives:
– Individualized Needs Assessment
– Customized Treatment Plan
– Preschool Education
– Nutrition Services
– Mental Health Counseling
– Health Screenings
– Therapy Services (if needed)
– Transportation Services (if needed)

If needed or required, the parent/caregiver has access to:
– Family Counseling
– Parental Skills Training
– Family Support Services

Why We Do What We Do

Short-Term: Research shows that children that have suffered from abuse or neglect have an approximate 18 month developmental delay.  By providing the specialized services and a low-ratio preschool education, we work to reduce or eliminate these deficits.  Everything we do is focused on creating lasting, positive change to prepare each child not only to enter Kindergarten in a public school at an equal level as their peers, but also to build self-confidence in the child.

Long-Term: Many adults that abuse were themselves abused as a child. By providing the necessary services to the abused or neglected children at a young age, this will reduce the chance of these children becoming abusers later in life.