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Philanthropic Acceptance Policy

EOA Children’s House, and all of EOA, welcomes and relies on the support of caring people like you and foundations and corporations like yours to carry out its mission to break the cycle of child abuse. But some gifts, or the manner in which they are given, may actually cause considerable difficulties or legal issues for a donor or the charitable organization the donor wishes to help.

That is why Economic Opportunity Agency, Inc. (EOA) has created a Philanthropic Acceptance Policy ratified by EOA’s Board of Directors. This policy is a set of regulatory guidelines and tools to encourage philanthropy and maximize the variety of gifts and volunteer involvement which can be given to EOA Children’s House while at the same time educate and advise EOA programs like EOA Children’s House and its supporters on the best ways to make gifts of time and resources.  If you have a question regarding a gift you would like to make to EOA Children’s House, please contact EOA’s Advancement Office, at or call 479-872-7479.