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Stopping Child Abuse. Saving Lives.

EOA Children’s House provides a secure, nurturing place for very young victims of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and life-threatening neglect to overcome the severe trauma and developmental deficits of abuse.  This is accomplished through a protective environment of empowerment so they can develop, learn, and receive care and therapy to initiate and guide healthy growth.  Services are provided at no cost to families / caregivers, Arkansas Dept. of Human Services, or the Juvenile Circuit Courts.

Children’s House is a therapeutic, child-development and crisis-intervention center, serving children between the ages of 6 weeks through 5 years.  It provides an extensive array of educational and therapeutic treatments including comprehensive early childhood education, counseling/mental health, family therapy, physical, occupational and speech therapy. Successful treatment will make it possible for these children to successfully transition into the 25 child kindergarten classroom environment, learn, thrive and excel in their educational careers.  The long term goal is for these children to have the opportunity to grow up and become productive members of society who will not abuse their own children.